Photo contest

      ExoticAnimal pride(^ o ^)Photo contest!

      Echizoticreptilkispo, Hiroshima and Tokyo, held to commemorate thePhoto contest will be held.

      As well as veterinaryYou live!Proud pet photosDo not post?
      As well as pet,Photos of you and your pet,In the veterinaryWith related pictures if you are eligible.

      Many people,Of veterinaryCuteness,Cool, looks goodGet to knowI think becoming a chance.

      Among the applicants who have photosThis is! Snagging his attention I thinkHiroshima and Tokyo venueWe will exhibit.

      The photos exhibited to each venueVisitors to ourPopular vote by visitors toDetermine the winner.

      FinallyLargest number of votesThe works to winFollowing in order of votes determines the winners.Posted to the votes the top photoPrizes will be present.

      Deadline for

      2018March 27, (Sunday)-6/30/2018 (Saturday)

      Qualification requirements

      And a veterinaryPictures in the place and in the official HPPeople agree to be

      How to apply

      1. On TwitterExotic Reptile Expo official account(@exoticreptilexp) follow.

      2. Inside the bodyPlease include the title of the work.(Example: "--")

      3. With specified hashtagsPlease post a photo.
        Entry to the venue Hiroshima:See # reptile Expo Hiroshima.
        Entry to the Tokyo venue:See # reptile Expo Tokyo.

        * If the entry to both venues,Please give both hashtags.

      About submissions

      • Veterinary itself?That the photos associated with it.
      • Only to be taken on their own, butTaking time does not matter.
      • One person in many applications it is possible.However, 1 post per photo one and see.

      How to review

      Preliminary review The photos at the event venueEchizoticreptilekispoBy the Executive CommitteeIn a rigorousThe decision.

      Venue uchimoto election Event venueFor photographsPer attendance per1Voting andThe vote tallyChampions and winnersThe decision.

      Results announcement

      Is award-winningIf you are in the fieldAt the venue will be directly awarded.
      If your absenceIn a direct messageThe individual will be contacted.