Event dates

      2018Year-the year 2019

      2018 ☆ ☆

      • 4/22(Day)Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu General Industrial Exhibition Hall second exhibitPreviously held
      • 7/22(Day)Hiroshima, Hiroshima City Small Business Center General Exhibition HallPreviously held
      • 8/19(Day)Tokyo Metropolitan industrial trade center, Tokyo / Taito building 6FPreviously held
      • 9/30(Day)Tokyo Tokyo traffic Hall 3rd floor green roomPreviously held
      • 12/23(Day)Bldg. 6f min Park, South Shonan Fujisawa Chamber of CommercePreviously held

      2019 ☆ ☆

      • 2/10(Day)Nagoya cloud Dragon FLEX building West Wing 5F SPACE "D"Previously held
      • 3 / 3(Day)Hamamatsu Hamamatsu City comprehensive industrial Exhibition Hall II exhibitPreviously held
      • 4/28(Day)Bldg. 6f min Park, South Shonan Fujisawa Chamber of Commerce
      • 6 / 9(Day) 仙台  夢メッセみやぎ 西館展示場
      • Previously held
      •  6/30(Day) 名古屋 雲竜FLEXビル西館5F SPACE“D”★追加開催決定★
      • 7/28(Day)Tokyo Ota City industrial Plaza PIO small exhibition hall
      • 8/18(Day)Bldg. 6f min Park, South Shonan Fujisawa Chamber of Commerce★開催地変更★
      •  9/16(月・祝) 東京 浅草橋 東商センター 展示場★追加開催決定★
      • 10/27(Day)Yokohama Yokohama industrial trade Hall Marinella
      • 11 / 17(Day) 浜松  浜松市総合産業展示館 第三展示場★開催地変更★
      • 12/15(Day) 東京  東京都立産業貿易センター 台東館7F★開催地変更★