☆ breeding challenge Q & A ☆ Hedgehog hen

And today we want shepherds Hedgehog we will provide information to people I believe in Q & A!

Q. What do hedgehogs eat in?
A. in addition to giving the cat food and dog food, and food for Hedgehog. Please side dishes such as insects, fruit and vegetables.

Q. facility is?
If you choose A cage made of stainless steel is best.
Pets allowed in plastic cases like glass aquariums, costumes case.

Q. rearing environment is?
A. avoid high temperatures because they are too hot or too cold poor Hedgehog.
Also avoid noisy places great stress Hedgehog. as.

Q. hedgehog's prick for?
A. pierced (lol)
To stab blindly or sudden touch, or loud, angry and needle, but is not.

Q. is the smell?
A. body odor no less, and the excrement doesn't smell.
Smells so much like if cleaning in the cage every day to live.

Q. how large of?
A. the big, about 20 centimeters in length.

Q. can't keep a hedgehog?
A. isn't it too hard. I think in the veterinary is rather simple.

Looking for favorite Hedgehog at the venue on the day.(*^^*)
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