☆ EXOTIC ☆ REPTILE ☆ EXPO ☆ in Hamamatsu.

☆ EXOTIC ☆ REPTILE ☆ EXPO ☆ in Hamamatsu.

☆ 4/22(Day)Reptile Expo was held!

Home breeding population of exhibitors like sticking a related toy, ended up coloring book corner, raffle, Petting Zoo animals ♪ sounds very exciting raffle by alligators.

All visitors, exhibitors had all gave support towards meeting customers, really thank you!

Despite the holding of the EXPO's first, thank you 1000 visitors! Thank you thank you very much(^^)/

• The next venue is
7/22 q in Hiroshima?(Day)
[in Tokyo] 8/19(Day)

HP will announce details soon!
Stay tuned! Please look forward to(*^^*)

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