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Horned Toad breeding Q & A

Q. breeding facilities are?
A cage, floor coverings, Panel heaters(In the winter)Is required. Besides feeding and care to use tweezers, spray is useful as well.

Q. rearing environment is?
A. those small water moistened paper towel or Sphagnum is can keep still carpeted with simple equipment.(Please note that dry)
Increased excretion of more soil()Cover with a! Action to absorb toxic materials out of POO in the soil and greatly reduces the maintenance effort.

Q. what you eat food of?
A. the horned Toad hood,
Give crickets, fish, goldfish, pink mouth, etc.

Q. smell are you?
A. replacing kitchen and flooring.
Soil absorbs stains that need to be excreted with kitchen paper, may be at least once in a few months.
Exchanges by the smell!

☆ horned Toad boasts lovely physique and unusual hues and rich in colors.
Find favorite horned Toad, fed challenge!(*^^*)♪

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