☆EXPO Hamamatsucho Exhibition Exhibitor Introduction☆

4/25(Day)Exhibition Held in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo Introducing exhibitors.
Gecko Team by Ginza Deco

It is a message from the owner.
"Gecko Team by Ginza Deco" produces rare and rare accessories and miscellaneous goods with motifs such as geckos, leopas, turtles, etc. There are many days when masks can not be let go, and new works of completely original mask charms and easy-to-use mini L-shaped wallets are available.
In particular, mask charms are magnets (magnet type) that can be removed to the mask and can be used around desks and in room interiors.
We offer original products such as entrance certificates, pass cases, miscellaneous goods such as telescopic reels and earrings, so please stop by by all means.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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