Event overview

Echizoticreptilekispo(EXOTIC REPTILE EXPO)is
Reptile fans and echizoticanimalfan all offer enjoyment of its charms and animal husbandry, to everyone that didn't have much opportunity to interact with these animals as well as were events held so far, and had held no regions, We hold many events from beginner up to all fans of happy and enjoy that.

Activities aiming at contributing to the realization of a society can be events through many know the allure of a reptile, veterinary, to encounter animals and people to coexist.

Our exhibitors and visitors look forward very much.
Also, look forward to that day at the venue to meet and greet you.

Echizoticreptilekispo Executive Committee
Representative: Kenji Anzai, CEO

Please check the notes below for in place meaningful still spend time with us.

☆ venue in pets will not be permitted. (Guide dogs and service dogs are permitted.)

But animals ☆ in the Hall exhibited sold in small containers of pudding, etc.This way are demanding American and European Union countries for animal welfareIt is a common sales method.

☆ animals that return to your home during theTo keep temperature temperature(Too warm, too cold)Please note.

☆ after purchase as soon as possible,Using the special case or insulating equipment animal environmentArrange them.

For questions or favor animal breeding methods,Please purchase from the well received description directly from the exhibitor.

Questions about the buy animals regarding theExhibitor directly please check theよろしくお願い申し上げます。